Redesigning an urban area of Copenhagen into a football court for the next generation of street footballers.

Pannahouse Court plans

The Danish Government (working with Pannahouse) sought to renovate and regenerate an urban area of Copenhagen to provide a framework for children and young people to practice street sports across cultural and social divides. I was commissioned to conceptualise and design the
football court.

Pannahouse Court Highlights 1
Pannahouse Details

The concept for the court revolved around fire vs water, a way to symbolise two teams, or two players, going against each other. The ‘fist bump’ became the focal point of the design. At the centre and heart of the court we placed the two fists coming together - a sign of respect and togetherness and to show that the streets are all inclusive, no matter a persons gender, age or ethnicity.

Pannahouse Details3
Pannahouse Details2

The court offers players the chance to play 3v3, 5v5 or panna (a game of nutmegs) within the centre octagon. Playing areas were colour coded to make it more user-friendly.

Pannahouse Merch
Pannahouse 80s big copy
Pannahouse Boards
Pannahouse Together End Slide

Client: Pannahouse funded by the Danish government
Working with @Streetpanna x Copenhagen community
Year: 2021