As a lifelong Ipswich Town fan, I have always loved the crest but felt it could be recrafted and improved. The badge naturally means a lot to all Town fans. It's a proud symbol of the club's history. An iconic and unique shape with symbolic elements that link back to the area. However, there are a few reasons why it needs an update. First, here are my updated versions.

01 Itfc

The horse illustration, which references the powerful Suffolk Punch, lacks expression in the face and overall finesse. The hooves look unfinished and the hind legs don’t sit on the same plane as the front ones, giving the impression that they are somehow hovering in the air. Given that it was made in a pre-digital era, it is understandable that it has been poorly executed.

5a copy

There are also issues with the typeface which has been stretched and distorted, as well as the waves which have some irregularities. Finally the outter shape, which not only wasn’t straight, also felt like it was made up of too many boxes.

02 Itfc
03 Itfc

Before vs After

04 Itfc
05 itfc

The badge did not need a radical change. It was a matter of evolution not revolution. Taking all the best elements and making them even better, elevating the old design.

06 itfc

To solve these problems I redrew the horse giving it a stronger and more accurate look, updated the typography to an evolved form of Gill Sans, fixed the river element and realigned the outter shape so it was symmetrical.

07 Itfc

The new crest was designed to work effectively across a huge range of digital and physical applications from app icons to stadium branding, in full colour, single colour and as a standalone graphic element.

08 itfc
09 itfc
10 Itfc

A proud history. An exciting future.

11 Itfc
19 itfc
20 Itfc
21 itfc
22 Itfc