Hi! I'm Oli, an Oslo based graphic designer and illustrator, originally from a little town in Suffolk, England. Currently working at SDG, I enjoy working across various fields of graphic communication focusing on combining strong conceptual ideas with beautiful craft, and collaborating with like-minded people who are excited about doing good work.

In my spare time you’ll find me working on personal projects like Mini Heroes and writing and illustrating my own children’s stories.


If you have a project in mind or just want to say hello:


Selected clients

Pixar / Walt Disney / Legendary / 20th Century Fox / Marvel / Bremont / ThruDark / The FA / Street Panna / Dust Films / Sparebank 1 / Vipps / Visit Oslo / Veterans for Wildlife / Citroën / Nestlé


Scandinavian Design Group (2017–Present)
Brandlab Oslo (2012–2017)